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7 Signs of Water Leak in Your Home

Published by 911 Restoration Henderson on April 6, 2022 in category: Uncategorized, Water Damage Restoration

Is My Wall Leaking? How to Find a Leak?Water leaks inside walls can occur for various reasons. Depending on the reason, the wall leak can sometimes stay hidden until the damage is beyond repairable.
However, we have listed down some early signs of water leak inside walls that can help you detect water leaks and diagnose their cause early on. So without further ado, let’s take a detailed look at the different causes of wall leaks:


Funky Odor in Home

Even if you cannot see the signs of wall leaks, you may be able to smell them. Paying attention to how your home smells can help you diagnose any issues early on, including wall leaks. Water leak inside the wall accumulates as it has nowhere to go and no way to dry out.

The wall begins smelling either like a damp sponge if the water is absorbed by insulation sheets or damp wood if the water is absorbed by drywall. The funky odor can also smell musty or humid. The odor can smell intense if the room stays closed for a while.

Crackling Paint or Wallpaper

Crackling or peeling paint or wallpaper is a clear sign of wall damage due to a water leak. Paint or wallpaper can also appear lifted off the wall. This happens when the water leak in the wall is enough to cause the wall to buckle outwards. Small water bubbles may also cause the paint or wallpaper to curve outwards. 

Crackling and lifted paint and wallpaper can mean a great extent of wall damage due to water leaks. 

Discolored Walls

Besides crackling and lifting, wallpaper and paint may also appear discolored due to wall leaks. Due to water leaks, discolored paint and wallpaper may appear either lighter or darker in color from the rest of the wall. 

High Utility Bills

An easy way to diagnose water damage in a home is by keeping an eye on water bills. If your water consumption looks suddenly increased or has been gradually increasing, it might be due to a water leak. A leak in the sewage system or plumbing might be causing increased water consumption in your home. 

Even if you haven’t noticed any visible signs of wall leaks, the damage in sewage pipes might have occurred in your home’s front yard or backyard. 

Sound of Water Dripping

If you find yourself rechecking the water outlets in your home’s kitchen and bathroom because you keep hearing the noise of water dripping but can never find a source, you might be hearing the water leaks inside walls. The next time you hear the water drip in your home but can’t find a source, pay attention to the room where the noise is the loudest. Once you find the specific room, finding the wall with a water leak might not be too difficult.

Mold Growth

Mold growth in the home is a blatant sign of water damage. Often, wall leaks can stay hidden as mold can be quick to grow and spread on the dampness. Continued water leaks can keep providing the space for mold growth to spread. Soon, mold growth can be visible. 

However, mold growth in the home should never be taken lightly. Mold can be severely dangerous to the occupants of the home. From mild flu-like symptoms such as a stuffy nose and sore throat to severe symptoms such as difficulty breathing, dementia, and choking, it can affect people. Though immune-compromised people such as children and the elderly have higher chances of being affected by mold, it can also cause skin irritation and itching of eyes among healthy individuals.

DIY mold removal methods must be avoided at all costs as they can also lead to mold inhalation or ingestion. You must always utilize professional mold removal service to avoid any harm to your or your family’s health.  

Roof Damage

Roof damage can often lead to wall leaks. Clogged eaves or downspouts can often result in rainwater or melted snow in Spring seeping into your home’s walls. Regular inspecting and maintenance of the roof can help you diagnose wall damage. However, you can also minimize the chances of wall leaks in your home by ensuring that eaves and downspouts are never clogged. 

Call 911 Restoration

Last but not least, water puddles beside a wall can be blatant signs of wall leaks. Standing water in the middle of the floor can also indicate water damage to your home’s foundation. Water damage in foundation walls can be especially harmful to your home’s structural strength. Either way, water puddles can help you diagnose water damage in your home.

Wall leaks or water damage in other structures should never be fixed through DIY methods. Excessive water damage in walls can lead to electric short-circuit in the home or a collapse of the walls. Hence, upon noticing any signs of water damage, you should always call a professional restoration service. Many restoration companies in Henderson, such as the 911 Restoration of Henderson, provide complete water damage restoration services for residential and commercial properties.

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